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Watch: McKowski & Howe Gelb - Return of Pygmy Pony
02 August 2023

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McKOWSKI is pleased to confirm details of his debut solo album: ‘Notes From The Boneyard’, a new release that arrives on 15 September courtesy of the Deltasonic label.

In anticipation of the record, the Irish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has unveiled the single “Return of Pygmy Pony”, which is available to hear now here:

Originally featured in the 2022 indie film “Quantum Cowboys”, a rotoscoped time travel western starring Lily Gladstone and directed by Geoff Marslett, “Return of Pygmy Pony” leads a deathly waltz across a desolate soundscape somewhere in the Midwest.

Featuring Tucson, Arizona’s own Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), the esteemed guitarist adds a little of the true grit of his homeland into its solemn flamenco soul; crowning an instrumental with an identifiably downbeat, Spaghetti Western and Tex/Mex character. Colouring-in the scene, Gelb explains:

“”Return Of Pygmy Pony” treats and entreats the listener to become one with a western motif just miles above the Mexico border steeped into the dusty desert daunting of Southern Arizona while slowly rocking back and forth in a well worn slap of leather saddle as the rider tethers the lanyard attached to the leashed smaller horse tagging along semi happily behind.

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Why ? Because the rider’s skull is a thermos and his brain sweats. Why ? Because the punishing sun takes no prisoners and sizzles a belt buckle enough to seriously fry an egg. Why ? Because this is a land where no man belongs at the wrong time of day during the wrong season of the year. Why ? It’s too late to ask why, but to just know for the sake of historians and lineage alike that a great abundant of Irish cowboys settled it nicely here and begat extended families with their Mexican brides or grooms of their choosing and flourished beside the stately saguaro… and still do to this day.”

Using footage from the “Quantum Cowboys” film, the single is accompanied by an animated video directed by Geoff Marslett. Watch it HERE.

“Return of Pygmy Pony” is one of 10 cinematic tracks, alongside previous single “Lake”, that comprise upcoming album ‘Notes From The Boneyard’ (out 15 September). Envisioning a fictional world known as ‘The Boneyard’, McKowski’s debut will promise a purely instrumental album of atmospheric folk and otherworldly soundscapes to capture your imagination and seep into your soul.
  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 02 August 2023