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Review: 'Vincent, Robert'
'I’ll Make the Most of My Sins'   

-  Album: 'I’ll Make the Most of My Sins' -  Label: 'At the Helm Records'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '27th January 2017'

Our Rating:
Americana Award winner Robert Vincent isn’t one to be tied to any one strain of music, or any set lyrical preoccupation. However, whether he’s singing about love and betrayal or bereavement, or getting political, and whether he’s playing rough-hewn bluesy country (‘So in Love’) or gritty anthemic Americana (‘November’), he does it with sincerity and passion.

While often favouring the low-key, low-tempo and a more intimate delivery with simple arrangements, across the album’s 11 songs, Vincent shows a rare consistency of quality and an impressive emotional range.

Robert Vincent Online

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Vincent, Robert - I’ll Make the Most of My Sins