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Review: 'The Dark Light'
'Keep Off The Grass'   

-  Label: 'Unknown Pleasures Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '6.4.18.'-  Catalogue No: 'UPR084'

Our Rating:
An album with a title that makes me think of my childhood art teacher Mr Buick, who would cause havoc if anyone walked on the grass outside the art department, Hearing him bark the phrase is deeply embedded in my memory. But this Italian German and English band based in London and recording in Hackney would know nothing of that torture.

Instead this album opens with the grinding heavy rock of She Likes It that sort of turns a Talking Heads riff into a rock monster of a tune full of lust and yearning for the girl that likes it.

To The Sky sounds a bit like Buckcherry but with lyrics that don't sound like they come from a self-help group as scouse singer Gerard Edwards really does seem to channel Josh Todd a good bit as the guitars go off around him.

Under The Skin slows things down a bit in a way that might cause some fans to whip out the lighters or these days the mobile phones as they get all windswept and anthemic as we find out just how she got under his skin and they reference the Scorpions most insidious global monster of a hit just before a really cool guitar solo from Marco Simoncelli as we all wave our arms from side to side.

It's Alright is yet another song with that title and not one of the songs it could have been. Yes it's a moody piece of slow heartbreak rock that would work well coming on before Buckcherry's Sorry.

Keep Off The Grass will have many of us reaching for the grass in defiance even if this song is more about paranoia brought on by a partner who doesn't come home when they should over some cool guitars that sound bluesier than most of the rest of the album.

We Are The Stars starts to slowly build so it can feel totally monumental as he goes full on windblown and epic in his claims to be the mountain as things goes right and wrong and it sort of sounds a bit Soundgarden at the slow end of things.

Higher Than Life is a good moody slice of uplifting rock claiming that together they are higher than life AAAHHH!! Ain't that sweet it really is a sweet song with a sort of familiar bass motif that runs through it.

Be Mine is a full on pleadingly slow beg for her to be his so that he can serenade her like he's Josh Todd but with fewer tattoo's and less cocaine mania so go on be his you know you want to as his Love's on the line.

Watching You Burn is more hard rocking seduction as they watch an argument unfold and they watch someone burn with anger pain and rejection over the guitars that are freaking out like a proper tantrum and the flames grow higher.

The album closes with Looking For Love that has the first really noticeable piano Hammond sound that I've heard even though it's featured on 5 songs I must listen harder as this song slowly builds as they want to finish with everyone hugging each other while waving lighters in the air with them which is a pretty good sentiment and nice way to end a cool album.

Find out more at www.unknown-pleasures-records.com www.cargorecords.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/TheDarkLightLondon/
  author: simonovitch

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