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'Can’t Stand Still (EP)'   

-  Label: '8th Street Studios'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '30th August 2019'

Our Rating:
Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Annie Keating’s 10th release is a six-track mini-album. These days, as with 2018’s ‘Ghost of the Untraveled Road’ EP, it seems she likes to work quickly and get songs out while they are still fresh. The album title comes from Sun And Moon, in which she acknowledges her restless spirit – “I like walking because I can’t stand still”.

Most of her previous work has consisted of bitter sweet acoustic Americana and, while she remains true to this roots-based genre, her latest EP is a more plugged in affair. Working with songwriter Dan Mills and his band and producer Matt Shane, the focus is on a more electric feel.

Beholden and Boxes in particular positively bristle with R’n’R energy while in the Stones influenced Country Honk of $20 she sings of falling asleep to the songs of John Prine.

Mother Of Exile addresses an American dream turning into nightmare and the EP closes in a more mellow style with a cover of Yusuf/Cat Stevens’ Trouble.

The momentum of these tunes resolutely affirm that standing still is not on the agenda.

Annie Keating’s website

  author: Martin Raybould

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