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Review: 'Muuk'

-  Label: 'Devil In The woods records/bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '21.2.20.'

Our Rating:
Muuk are a Mexican experimental noise rock band who have apparently played gigs at all of Mexico city's main venues, they sound unlike any Mexican band I've ever heard and that's not a bad thing although this bands sound is an acquired taste. This is the bands second album and it has been mixed by Alap Momin of Dalek.

From the opening blasts of noise and distortions on Devorador it's clear this is going to be rather out there and noisey in the sense of your stuck in some industrial factory and all sorts of machines are making huge noises almost like in Eraserhead or something darker still.

Balbuceo is dark dense and taut with squiggles of guitar over the rumbling and dense bass almost throb that threatens to throttle you at any moment long before the gabbled almost voices come in like they are screaming through a wall at you.

R'leyh has a deep dank dancehall dub undertow that sounds like something Mark Stewart might be involved almost like they are driving through your worst nightmares and just seem to be having fun doing it while arguing over the bands favourite Wharton Tiers productions it's also one of the more accessible pieces on the album.

Migrana sounds like it's babbling voices and intense rumbling discord is set to make sure you have a Migraine before the end of the record but the ever shifting percussion that sounds almost like it's nicked for a 1970's jazz fusion record might just keep that at bay but not for much longer.

Fusil starts off quiet with sci-fi space noises before the bass comes in as an anchor for the noises to swirl around like you're watching a spaceship hurtle through space and this is the soundtrack it also feels like a respite from the rest of the album and like the calm before a storm.

Seis Ausente may well be that storm no matter how quietly it starts and then builds its levels of dark foreboding and deep dank dub distractions and spooling sounds to unsettle and distract us.

Black Lodge isn't as masonic as the title might suggest but has a light riff running through it with a distorting bass sounding like it's being played through an amp with a blown speaker and reminding me of Paus, this track sounds like they have streamlined the noise into a more coherent vehicle to bother us with.

Last on Air is the last track on this full on album and from it's gentle beginning you can feel the paranoia and claustrophobia rising even before the guitars come in like they want to destroy everything around them and start again as some nightmare battle scene unfurls for this to soundtrack.

If you like dark noise and out there music find out more at https://muukband.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Muukband/
  author: simonovitch

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