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Review: 'The Orange Kyte'

-  Label: 'Little Cloud reocrds/Cardinal Fuzz'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '13.12.20.'

Our Rating:
As the spelling of Kyte might suggest The Orange Kyte are a 60's obsessed psychedelic shoe gaze band based in Vancouver and the brainchild of Dublin exile Stevie Moonboots (Stephen White).

From the opening Masquerade! Its clear we are going to be drowning in effects pedals and full on Shoe gazing psychedelic rock and it sounds great especially when you start to notice the saxes buried in the mix coming to the fore as you wonder what to wear to that masquerade party, something Day-glo I guess with swirling patterns.

The Modern Day Saints almost sounds like they want to update the Beatitudes for a more modern world and this is all wrapped up in reverb heavy vocals and an insistent beat sounding like a slightly speeded up Devics.

Distractions opens as if its an old psych pop song gently lulling us into it's warm embrace to distract us from everything going on around us and as such is perfect for the times we live in.

C.O.P. now is that cop some drugs and if it is I'd guess acid or mushrooms as this sounds suitably trippy for the modern age they sing about over a nice quick beat and then a really good driving sound interspersed with cool noises this sounds like a lot of late 80's neo psychedelia and has a good weird outro.

Little Death Balloon expands on the theme of John Murry's Little Colored Balloons and the drugs inside them and what they might do to shorten your life. Although you'll need to listen to this a good few times to get all the lyrics as they do sound a bit oblique but damn it has a really great riff and central instrumental part.

Demonstration Garden is almost like something you'd expect Viva Saturn to play it has that sort of bucolic psych flavour to it to allow you to dream away the days while the lyrics finally wake you from the slumber while trying to figure out where you know the tune from.

Sea Of Love/Ocean Of Hate is a lot more urgent and a frantic tale of that point in a relationship where it goes from love to hate and you don't know what to do anymore to make it ok.

Infinity Rope may be the sort you hang yourself with or it could be for climbing out of the mire or just for pledging undying love and this tune seems to be aiming at the latter two options over a great cruising psychedelic maelstrom that sounds like it might be properly frantic live.

Downfall has a nice doomy synth pop feel to it almost reminding me of Curve re-working one of there early songs using the beat from Landscapes Einstein A Go Go as sort of a metronome to inform the song as everything starts to swirl around.

Captain Ron sounds like the theme tune to a 60's space adventure show and is a cool way to end a very easy to listen too album of very cool Psychedelic shoegaze.

But some copies also come with a bonus song of the bands No More Christmas Blues that sounds a lot more stripped back and is full of regrets at a Christmas missing a few people and trying not too get too stoned as to forget the names of the people at the party, as if that could happen.

Find out more at https://theorangekyte.bandcamp.com/album/carousel https://littlecloudrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/the-orange-kyte-carousel
  author: simonovitch

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