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Review: 'Dj Horton Jupiter'
'Some Re-Mixes'   

-  Label: 'Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Dance' -  Release Date: '5.3.21.'

Our Rating:
Some re-mixes by DJ Horton Jupiter does exactly what the title suggests and is a collection of 5 re-mixes from the Klub Kosmische DJ and head Musical madman of They Came From The Stars I Saw Them, all of the tunes should sound great on the dancefloor, as soon as we are all allowed out again. I for one miss seeing Horton out and about or seeing the brilliant mad live performances They Came From The Stars I Saw Them specialized in.

The Ep opens with Horton Vs The Orielles- Euro Borealis (Dev's Duet) this is opens as a slinky almost Barry White style soul smoocher that has some cool organ and percussion in odd time signatures to draw you into a world of love and fun and Yalla Yalla style backing vocals that turn into vocal interplay between the two lovers as they work out the problems they have as they make sure they both feel alive before the digi-dub outro.

Horton Vs Sky Saxon Tripmaker (Sky High Dance Mix) Takes Sky Saxon's trippy vocals and mantra like tune and adds squiggles and noises to it, as we all chant along, trip maker helps us all to come up and wonder if the noises are real or just another hallucination, brought on by the trip we are all on, as someone is playing a mad 80's computer game taking us all into outer space.

Horton V Henge- Demilitarize (Xmas Namba Wan Radio Edit) Is a great anti-war dancefloor epic against the arms race and its timely to hear, as really insane people talk once more of buying nuclear weapons in the middle of a pandemic. This has computer games sounds, a thumping beat and a great sing along chorus, to party on down with and get a huge room singing along with.

Horton V They Came from the Stars The Hot Inc (Jupiter Mix) is the one song on the ep that I already have loads of previous mixes of, this one takes a classic bonkers live tune and adds dubby computer games, Casio tones and other stuff to the song about the Church of doubt and our need to doubt everything we are told and instructed to do. I love the bit where he makes the room begin to rumble and then Horton goes a bit Bobby McFerrin humming while banging his chest and more cartoon manipulated voices come in, this is not quite the most bonkers mix I have of this, but it's pretty close and if you loved the original you'll be well up for this.

The ep closes with Horton Vs The Wisdom Of Harry, Charles Crumb's Dark Days (Liquefaction ReMix Parts 1 & 2) This has squelchy very liquid beats and bass minimal techno that feels like its expanding as the crescendo of sounds builds and falls away as I guess it slips into part 2 that adds piano lines to the floaty funkiness that feels like it wants to pulse all night long.

Find out more at https://djhortonjupiter.bandcamp.com/album/some-remixes https://www.mixcloud.com/hortonjupiter/ https://www.facebook.com/hortonjupiter
  author: simonovitch

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