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Review: 'Sun Records Various Artists'
'Having A Party!'   

-  Label: 'ORG Music/Sun Records'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '12.6.21.'

Our Rating:
This is the latest compilation of songs from the Sun Records archives released for record store Day this time the songs were selected by various record store staff to try to make a perfect dance party soundtrack in a 1950's style without resorting to sticking on Wanda Jacksons's Having A Party!.

The album opens with the full-on brass attack at the start of Bettye Lavette's super sultry We Got To Slip Around that's got a full on soul stew sound with cool backing vocals and Bettye's full throated pleas and questions, for the object of her desire, that she wants to have some fun with, if he wasn't seduced by this song more fool him.

Next up is Frank Ballard's classic take on Shake 'Em Up Baby that really swings to the full-on brass section and some rather nifty piano as we all get ready to get down on the dancefloor.

Linda Gail Lewis classic Nothin' Shakin But The Leaves on The Tree sounds great and I needed to play it next to her current single with Paul-Ronney Angel 2020 (You've Been A Pain In The Ass/ Wild Turkey And Lemonade, the latter of which may well be the drink you need to have after dancing to this tune, as you figure that Linda's voice may these days be a little deeper but she still sounds just as great as she did when she made this classic.

Rosco Gordon's I'm Gonna Shake It & Break It is wonderfully suggestive and salacious with some very cool guitar and a great honking repeating horn part on this song that should be on any shake song compilations.

Slim Rhodes Romp & Stomp is a fast and frantic Western swing rockabilly hoedown classic with some wondrous lap steel guitar.

Jerry Lee Lewis has Friday Nights as his selection and well who else would be perfect to kick off a wild and raucous Friday night with some killer piano and a spry guitar solo as Jerry Lee, while he sings about Friday night being payday.

The a-side closes with Bright Lights classic Motor City Funk Part 1 that has a real late sixties funky feel to it perfect for getting down and dirty as the singer worries the cops might show up, while asking if you have a mother? This has a real James Brown funky soul stew feel to it as we all get on down and do the motor City Funk.

The B-side carries on where the A-side left off with Motor City Funk Part 2 by Bright Lights where they get even more down and dirty on that dancefloor.

Soul Suspects Funky Drop is a real dancefloor strut the sort of thing you move across the dancefloor towards the man or woman you hope to be getting funky with and just give the drop that makes you as irresistible as the horn section is.

Clarence Murray does plenty of pleading and begging for your love on Dancing To The Beat of that chiming guitar and the super smooth brass and of course a rock solid beat this is almost impossible to sit still too.

Wade Cagle & The Escorts make sure we all get on board the Groovy Train with the sort of instrumental that could soundtrack any number of high school prom scenes with the different gangs forming separate dancing trains to work out their differences.

Four Upsetters song title doesn't lie when it's called You Can't Sit Down as everyone must be on the dance floor by this point and showing off there best jumps twirls and moves doing leap frogs and summersaults like they are in the church in The Blues Brothers.

Alvin Robinsons take on Let The Good Times Roll slows it down a touch and adds some super funky guitar to this down home rock & roll party classic as the guitar goes wild.

The party sorry album closes with Carl Perkins country blues-tinged Drink Up And Go Home that's perfect to cry into your last beer too, as he sings about being let out of prison and coming home to nothing and no one so make sure your drink up and go home as you have more going on than he does, this is a cool country tear jerking ending to a great compilation from the Sun Records vaults.

Find out more at https://recordstoreday.com/upc/711574899869
  author: simonovitch

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