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'Art Club of Paintings'   

-  Label: 'FR Records (North)'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '4th April 2022'-  Catalogue No: 'FR19CD'

Our Rating:
The man behind this UK project prefers to remain anonymous although the Spotify playlist seems to spoil the enigma by crediting a ‘John Parkes’ with the songs.

We do know that the artist played all the instruments and that the record was recorded by Will Jackson at Soundworks in Leeds,

The hazily surreal quality suggests the Flea Show man has been listening to American bands like Grandaddy and Mercury Rev or simply smoking a lot of dope. “ I can’t remember where I was last seen / I can’t remember my last dream” he laments on Remember, an ode to amnesia.

The singer admits that it is all either “arty pretentious nonsense” or “top line intelligent song writing”. In truth, it’s a little of both and the ten songs are quirky and interesting enough to hold the attention.

It is certainly easy to empathise with the sentiments behind Connected ,the opening track, which portrays a world full of paradoxes in which “Anything is possible, but nothing gets done.”     

The Electric Flea Show’s blog
  author: Martin Raybould

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