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Review: 'Cold in Berlin'
'White Horse'   

-  Label: '2076 Records'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '10th October 2011'

Our Rating:
Given my oft-stated dislike of the remix, there can't be anyone more surprised than I when I must report that this EP is an absolute belter.

'White Horse' – straight, unremixed, unreconstituted, raw and unapologetic and as intended - is a blazing, ferocious ball of fire and one of the most striking singles I’ve heard all year. Spiky, archly gothic new wave - Banshees style - collides with grunge and is distilled into a blast of pure acid: 'There is no white horse / you’re a stupid little fucker if you thought there was’, spits Maya in the scrotum-tighteningly sharp chorus. Her tone is enough to make your skin prickle.

The Heretics remix of ‘White Horse’ layers on the synths and melds it all to a disco beat to emphasis the darkwave leanings that are more subtly implied in the original. The three remixed album tracks are all (surprinsingly) sensitively done - by which I mean they're plenty different, but don't strip the edge and anger so integral to the essence of the original versions.

Shuddering electro basslines snake hither and thither, the percussion on the Baker P. M. Remix of ‘If You Take me Apart’ standing as a terrifying, shuddering racket, while the Drum Cunt remix of ‘God I Love You’ may collapse the lyrics into looped meaningless, but the heavy dubstep treatment is every bit as disturbing as the original, but in a different – and somewhat deranged and disorientating – way. Cracking.

Cold in Berlin Online
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Cold in Berlin - White Horse