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09 November 2012

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BC CAMPLIGHT will kick-start a sensational bid for a return to the limelight in 2013 after announcing the completion of his first album for five years.

The record, 'Grim Cinema', earmarked for release at the turn of the year, will be preceded by a vinyl EP that comes out on November 29th to coincide with the Philly piano pop maestro's first UK show for five years.

And Camplight, aka Brian Christinzio, has every reason to feel optimistic about his artistic future following what he described as "One hell of a half decade" off the radar since his last record, 'Blink Of A Nihilist', was released in 2007.    

"I can't overstate how excited I am about this" Christinzio declared

"The record covers a much larger range than my previous work. It's more intimate in places and in other places it is much more dense sonically - 100 percent melody driven. No filler".

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"It sounds like me and nobody else".

"Although you can hear influences in my previous albums, this one sounds like a new creature we haven't heard before:

"It ranges from deeply personal to frightening to ridiculous but sounds very much like one record".

BC CAMPLIGHT will play his first UK show for five years at Manchester venue The Castle on November 29th.


  author: MIKE ROBERTS 09 November 2012