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WEAVER, JANE  : Modern KosmologyGOBLIN KING  : Drugs, Blood & Death n’ Roll (EP)REBELLION FESTIVAL 2017 DAY 1  : Live at The Winter Gardens BlackpoolREBELLION FESTIVAL 2017 DAY 2  : Live at The Winter Gardens BlackpoolREBELLION FESTIVAL 2017 DAY 3  : At The Winter Gardens BlackpoolREBELLION FESTIVAL 2017 DAY 4.  : Blackpool winter GardensZEBEDY  : Set the Pace (EP)FACES OF THE BOG  : Ego DeathJANSCH, BERT  : Living In The Shadows Part 2 (Box Set)VARIOUS ARTISTS  : Avocet Revisited (EP)MYRTVEIT, MAGNUS  : Aurelius (EP)TALISMAN MEETS DUBKASM  : She Look Like Reggae (single)GREAT RUSSIAN EMPIRE, THE  : Low EndsA YEAR IN THE COUNTRY  : UndercurrentsD'AMOUR, MICHELE AND THE LOVE DEALERS  : Lost Nights At The Leopard LoungeDESIGNER  : Under A Silver SkyORAGH, LIAM  : The Arguments Against InsanitySEATMAN, KEITH  : All Hold Hands And Off We GoMEN, THE  : SunburstRON POPE  : WorkGOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY, THE  : The Worst Four YearsTYE, CHRIS  : Stronger In NumbersIMAGINARY PEOPLE  : October AliceMILES & ERICA  : We Came Here to WorkCURANDEROS  : CuranderosABEL RAISE THE CAIN  : For Strangers Only2FAR2JUMP  : First Attempts at EverythingPENNY RIMBAUD'S KERNSCHMELZE II  : Cantata For Improvised VoiceMAN 2 MAN FT. LOLA DUTRONIC  : Male Stripper (2K17 remix)RAT FANCY  : Suck A Lemon EPKUSWORTH, DAVE/ VULZ, THE/ MOTO VAMP  : London, Rockaway Beach @ The Hope & Anchor,28 JulyBELL X1  : ARMSMOTHER’S CAKE  : No Rhyme No ReasonTUNABUNNY  : PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr.VEX, THE  : The Vex EPTHOSE WHO KNEW  : New Perspective (EP)PUPPET KINGS  : Very Cool & Groovy (EP)MURRY, JOHN/LUCAS & KING  : London,Clerkenwell, The Slaughtered Lamb, 19 JulySHAKEN GROWLERS, THE  : The Shaken GrowlersODD COUPLE  : FlüggeFOXPALMER  : Locked In Memory EPENDERBY'S ROOM  : Enderby's RoomO CAOIMH, CORMAC  : Shiny, Silvery ThingsMORENA, PAOLO  : Treasure in the TrashLITTLE BARRIE  : Death ExpressRIPPER, VINCE & THE RODENT SHOW  : Planet ShockoramaAMBEL, ERIC  : LakesideCHILDCARE  : Made SimpleOUTLAW, SAM  : TenderheartCO-PILGRIM  : Moon Lagoon
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