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TERRY EDWARDS  : Very Terry EdwardsBOWNESS, TIM  : Northern RainVLIMMER  : XIIIIII/XIIIIIIIHYMN  : Breach UsI LIKE TRAINS  : Dig InCRAWLIES, THE  : Old NewsLAST DAY SECT  : Je Me ReveilleJAYHAWKS, THE  : XOXOKIRCHEN, BILL  : The Proper YearsBREEZE, EMILY  : Hey KidzTHANK YOU GIRL  : Joe NormalCPR  : Just Like GravityCPR  : Crosby Pevar RaymondSUZIE STAPLETON  : We Are The PlagueJOHANNES, ALAIN  : HumPATRICK, G.F.  : One Town OverGALLAGHER, LEE & THE HALLELUJAH  : L.A. Yesterday[.QUE]  : And InsideETERNELL  : Imagined DistancesTHE CITY GATES  : Siegfried 1969CAT SFX  : Doom GenerationBLACK NEEDLE NOISE  : She Talks To Angles/Seed Of EvilSHORT-HAIRED DOMESTIC  : A Song in Latin About The Importance OfA SHORELINE DREAM  : Seek To HideEVEN AS WE SPEAK  : AdelphiPALE BLUE MOON  : The Pleasure Of Finding Things OutFLOODLIGHTS  : From A ViewTERSIVEL  : Embers Beneath The SpiritGALLOWS CIRCUS  : Hell’s WhiskeyTHE GIST  : Interior WindowSTUART MOXHAM AND LOUIS PHILLIPE  : The Devil LaughsKIMBERLEY REW AND LEE CAVE BERRY  : Sunshine Walkers The Best OfSHORT-HAIRED DOMESTIC  : A song in Latin...ARMAGOS  : The Lonely PianoBAILEY, GLYN  : TestamentPERCY  : Seaside DonkeysMCDERMOTT, MICHAEL  : What In The World ...THE WOLFHOUNDS  : Electric MusicALDRIDGE, HANNAH  : Live in Black and WhiteTHE WEE CHERUBS  : The Merry MakersFELIXITY  : Love Sick RemixedSILVER FIELD, THE  : Sing High! Sing Low!ELLIOT, LUKE  : The Big WindCLASS M PLANETS  : RavenswoodDRAB CITY  : Good Songs For Bad PeopleMOON PANDA  : Slow DriveMY DARLING CLEMENTINE  : Country Darkness Volume 2 (EP)VARGEN  : Love/ Leave - 11 Songs of Bob DylanWESDARULER FT LINQUA FRANCA, DOPE KNIFE, L LARCENY  : Fuck Trump AmericaSHITKID  : Waste of Time
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