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BOB  : You Can Stop That For A StartDONNA CANNONE  : Cross the LineMORGAN, SALLY ANNE  : ThreadDON'T DRINK THE WATER  : Saturday Night Paint (EP)BEDFORD, BEN  : PortraitsASTEROID NO.4  : Northern SongsJULIAN SHAH-TAYLER, THE SINGULARITY  : The Devil KnowsBENNETT, KATY ROSE  : Where Does It Hurt? An introduction to...JIMMY REGAL AND THE ROYALS  : Late Night ChickenMT. DOUBT  : DoubtlandsTHE SILVERBEETS  : We Mattered (Once Upon A Time)JUNKBOY  : Sovereign SkyDARWIN FT DAVID J  : Unkind LoverSLADE  : Cum On Feel The Hitz, The Best Of SladeTHEATRE ROYAL  : PortraitsRAGING SPEEDHORN  : Hard To KillSTARLESS  : EarthboundKLÄMP  : Hate YouELIZA JAYE  : Middle ChildSOFT SET  : Love And DancingARCH GARRISON  : The Bitter LayJEREMY D'ANTONIO  : Spinnin' WheelsSILENT ATTIC  : Escape (EP)THE APARTMENTS  : In And Out Of The LightTHE DEMON RIND  : Something Nice I Want To tell YouSOLID BRONZE  : The Fruit BasketCALLAHAN, BILL  : Gold RecordTHROWING MUSES  : Sun RacketMILK WHITE THROAT  : Hierarchy EPGREAT PARK AVENUE  : Blue WorldBLUE STRAGGLERS  : Blue Stragglers (EP)TOLOUSE LOW TRAX  : Jumping Dead LeafsWATERTANK  : Silent RunningLOU KYME  : What's The Worst That Can HappenROBB JOHNSON & THE IRREGULARS  : Pandemic SongsBUSHPILOT  : 23THE AQUABATS!  : Kooky Spooky...In SpaceOF1000FACES  : AstronomicaTHE PERSIAN LEAPS  : Lost CauseWELLS, JUSTIN  : The United StateMCKINLEY, ARLO  : Die MidwesternHJALTALÍN  : HjaltalínCLYNE, COLIN  : Where The Ships Go To DieSPECIAL MOVES  : Little HelpTHIS HEAT  : CompleteWOLF, ANNA AND POP MORRISON  : The UnfamiliarANDRE SALVADOR AND THE VON KINGS  : Andre Salvador And The Von KingsSHARPLES, SHEM  : It’s Your FaultTERRY EDWARDS  : Stop Trying To Sell Me Back My Past (Vol 1)JULIAN SHAH-TAYLER, THE SINGULARITY  : Evolution
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