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D.O.L.  : D.O.L.THE REMEDY CLUB  : Lovers, Legends & Lost CausesBABY SEALS, THE / BEVERLY KILLS  : You Flexi Thing Vol 3 – Venus EnvyALL PIGS MUST DIE  : Hostage AnimalECHOTAPE  : This Could be Anything (EP)VARIOUS ARTISTS  : The Quietened CosmologistsAMADOU & MARIAM  : La ConfusionURHEIM, STEIN  : Utopian TalesAUDIAC  : So WaltzMACKAY, BILL & WALKER, RYLEY  : SpiderBeetleBeeBROCKMANN & BARGMANN  : LichtPILL FANGS  : Pill FangsMOEBIUS STORY LEIDECKER  : FamiliarHORA DOUSE / MANNEQUIN DEATH SQUAD  : Hyde Park Book Club, 8th October 2017BONE ZENO  : London, King's Cross King Charles I, 5 Oct 2017J.D. HANGOVER  : J.D. HangoverCOCKBURN, BRUCE  : Bone On BoneWAR ON DRUGS, THE  : A Deeper UnderstandingDARTO  : Human GivingVANITY  : Perspective // EmpathyALL THEM WITCHES / GHOST WOLVES  : The Wardrobe, Leeds, 4th October 2017REYNOLDS, GRAHAM  : A Scanner Darkly OSTCRAVATS, THE  : Dustbin Of SoundSWEDISH FINNISH  : Swedish FinnishHASLINGER, PAUL  : Halt And Catch Fire OSTFIELD, JOSH & BROTHER NOTHING  : Reasons For ChangeSTARLING RADICALS, THE  : Promiseland Vol 1BAKER, SAM  : Land Of DoubtSPEHAR, GERRY  : I Hold GravityRUNDELL, JACK  : Cold Coffee (EP)RIPS  : RipsDIXON, GARETH  : Orwell CourtMORBY, KEVIN  : City MusicBONE ZENO  : Black MilkSUMMERHILL/ STODART. MICHELE/ BAND OF HOPE  : London, The Borderline, 22nd Sept 2017RUBY SUNS, THE  : Sprite FountainJOHN MURRY AND NADINE KHOURI  : Live at St Pancras Old ChurchSAMUEL YURI  : Samuel Yuri Presents Soundtracks That RockTWISTED ILLUSION  : Insight to the Mind of a Million FacesKEAVENY, JIM  : Put It TogetherMARCH, CLÉMENTINE  : Les Etoiles à Ma Porte (EP)AMBER ARCADES  : Cannonball (EP)DEEP.SLEEP  : SohoJOENSUU, MIKKO  : Amen 3EDENS, PIERCE  : Stripped Down Gussied UpCORONAS, THE  : Trust The WireDICE AND BASS  : InfinityLOWALSKI, LESA  : Free Spirits EPDEAD RIDER  : Crew LicksCLIENTELE, THE  : Music For The Age Of Miracles
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