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Listen: 'Please Don't' by Louise Golbey
18 October 2016

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Louise Golbey was always destined to be a great musician. London born but raised in Bournemouth, her natural talent was encouraged from an early age, which prompted her to pursue her singing career after university. Her North West London roots bring that nice swagger raised on a diet of American soul R’n’B food whether she’s supporting the likes of yesterday’s divas En Vogue or featuring on tracks with UK’s new school like Example or Newham Generals.

In Louise’s own words on ‘Please Don’t’ she tells us, “Don’t break it, won’t shake it. Take care and we’ll Rihanna and Drake it”.

Her soothing airy vocals resemble the likes of modern day legends Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott, of whom she also covered, with her version of ‘He Loves Me’ reaching #1 on the Soul House Charts.

The single is produced by Freemonk and features Dave Gerrish on guitar and Kat Deal on horns, and will be released later this month when her live show also next kicks in.

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Louise is already known by many in the London scene for her incredible live shows, which includes long-time fan Ed Sheeran, who even pops up in one of her earlier videos. She’s on the rise make no bones about it and will be performing at Time Out's Rising Stars at 100 Wardour Street on October 25th.

Please do get yer kugs round 'Please Don't' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 18 October 2016