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Watch: ‘Unravel’ by The Anchoress
03 December 2020

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Ahead of the release of her second album, The Anchoress is releasing a track a month and revealing more details of ‘The Art Of Losing’ due for release on 5th March 2021.

'Unravel' is the second song to be unveiled and arrives alongside a striking video featuring the work of New Zealand photographer Lily Warring, inspired by David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. The track announces itself with string quartet that unfolds to a pulsating beat that collides with Cure-esque guitars, vintage synths, and a mournful vocal: “I locked myself in a cupboard to record the vocal to capture that sense of claustrophobia when you feel as if you don’t know where to turn”. Watch here: https://youtu.be/zn5zutKq6bI

This song follows the current/first single ‘Show Your Face’, which was premiered in November by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music and quickly added to the station playlist as well as receiving airplay across the country. The NME premiered the video and Catherine discussed the tracks’ theme of toxic masculinity and the #Me Too movement. The album has also entered the Amazon Hot New Releases pre-order sales chart at No.1.

Written and produced by Davies, ‘The Art of Losing’ ambitiously navigates the detritus of death and the process of trying to climb out of it and make something from it. In the aftermath of several years of huge personal loss, after the untimely death of her father from an aggressive brain tumour, undergoing treatment for cervical cancer, and navigating multiple miscarriages and surgeries, the record follows Dylan Thomas’ instruction to “rage against the dying of the light”. And there is nothing sonically “gentle” about its enquiry. But despite the unhappy backdrop to its composition, the album is a far from dour affair. Rather, the fourteen tracks create a technicolour eruption of emotions, firmly concerned with how to find purpose in the midst of grief: “Was there some purpose to losing my mind?”, she asks on the Depeche Mode-inspired title track: “What did you learn when life was unkind..?”

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Watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 03 December 2020