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Listen: 'Seven of Wands' by Purple Witch of Culver
05 September 2021

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The song features a lead vocal by Taylor, a first for Purple Witch of Culver. In a deadpan manner Taylor makes statements such as "loss is a factor of every person's life; a life lived strong is celebrated." Taylor's unapologetic delivery illuminating cultural contradictions and pitfalls is complemented by Safaie's wispy interjections of lines such as "at the edge of the tongue it was velvet at the edge of history."

Safaie explains her prose indicates "we are at a precipice, which makes sense reflecting on the course of 2021. Things are young, things are sometimes the illusion of back to normal but you can't ignore change is in the air" The song meanders in to "sections of collective consciousness. or "cult sections'" Taylor says with a smirk, referring to the shift in literal imagery to the abstract. He expands: "we created little respites where the listener can get lost in a different whimsical world before being hit hard with reality again".

The song fades out with a stacked vocal group mantra about society's inability to maintain focus when batting challenging problems while bombastic horns play enticing figures coaxing the listener to feel invigorated and take action.

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Listen here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 05 September 2021