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Watch: ‘Satanic Panic Love Song’ by Jake Whiskin
29 January 2022

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Leeds songwriter Jake Whiskin has shared new single ‘Satanic Panic Love Song’ via Dance To The Radio. His first musical offering of 2022, Whiskin has crafted a classic love song that showcases the vulnerability and self-reflection of his quietly driving and anthemic songwriting, while fondly remembering the tempestuous early loves of his teenage years and their soundtrack of black metal and emo music.

‘Satanic Panic Love Song’ is organic and slow burning with an unabashed earworm chorus. Bringing to mind artists like Manchester Orchestra and Julien Baker, Whiskin opens the track alone with his guitar and voice, before drums, guitars, backing vocals and ethereal sounds slowly envelope him, the atmosphere continuing to build as he explores the pursuit of love, lust and longing. There’s a comfort in his lyricism as he pleads “And you know that I will hold out for you”. Combined with an honest and compelling wit, Jake delivers beautifully orchestrated, heartfelt and delicate nostalgia all the while remaining compellingly understated.

'Satanic Panic Love Song' is one of a number of new tracks from Whiskin digging into his personal history and life growing up as he explores the characters, community and experiences of his younger years.

Spending his youth in various DIY bands, the singer-songwriter drifted away from music for a number of years following difficulties in his life. As music came back to him and he found stability and catharsis in songwriting - Whiskin began to share this music before quickly finding himself picked up by iconic local label Dance To The Radio.

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A number of stunning singles and 2021’s accomplished ‘Slow Motion EP’ followed as Whiskin’s audience continued to steadily grow and grow. Lauded by the likes of The Independent, Clash and Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, as well as consistent features on Spotify’s New Music Friday and other editorial playlists, Whiskin is becoming one of Yorkshire’s most hotly tipped songwriters.

Watch it here:

Jake Whiskin will be releasing music and touring throughout 2022.

Jake Whiskin on ‘Satanic Panic Love Song’: "This started as a classic escapism, boy/girl love song which felt a bit over the top with the drama of the song, so instead I made it kind of tongue in cheek with the Black Magic/Satanic Panic/Black Metal Tee references - to give myself a bit of a laugh mainly. I grew up loving emo, metal and rock so this is a homage to my teenage self in his Cradle of Filth T-shirt and pink vans I guess."
  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 29 January 2022