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Watch: '40 Oz Kid' by Man's Body
01 March 2022

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'A Set Of Steak Knives' is filled with the group’s signature post-punk sound, a blend of rhythm-heavy, grinding, yet intensely melodic, guitar-driven rock, inspired by the likes of seminal 90’s Indie Rockers like Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., and early Lemonheads. This heady brew is sweetened with organic accents of mandolin, strings and acoustic guitar among other instruments. The music provides a richly textured backdrop for thought-provoking yet seemingly effortless lyrics.

“The Natural Host” is celebratory and anthemic with emphatically lush guitars, resounding, layered vocals and expressive strings. “Contact Sigh” contemplates how social distancing necessary during the pandemic evokes the bittersweet pangs of unrequited love, expanded to a global scale. “Hit The Bricks” is meant as a tribute to Mark E. Smith, the late frontman of iconic UK Post-Punkers The Fall, replete with a soccer chant style sing-along refrain.

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Ahead of the release, they've released a video for “40 Oz. Kid”. The video for “40 Oz. Kid” was filmed in Los Angeles by Steve Hanft who directed Beck’s “Loser” video, his big breakthrough. Watch it here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 01 March 2022