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Watch: 'Meme' by David Heatley
07 March 2022

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New Yorker (as in the magazine) cartoonist David Heatley headed down to the Big Easy to record his debut solo album 'Life Our Own Way'. Known for his intensely intimate and painful depictions of his struggles with addiction, the title track 'Life Our Own Way' serves as a foil to Heatley's previous body of work. The song, with a video animated by Heatley, is jaunty - a new wave song that can't help observing the funky kick of New Orleans. Enlisting New Orleans legends like Michael Cerveris and Lilli Lewis for the album, it's no surprise that 'Life Our Own Way' is injused with funk and joy.

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The latest album taster is an animated video for the song 'Meme'.

It's spiky, it's scratchy, it's (post) punky, and it's fun.

You can watch the video here:
  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 07 March 2022