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Listen: 'Meet the Kid' by Mountain Time
12 May 2022

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Mountain Time’s “Meet The Kid” is a joyous Kinks-ian romp through the kaleidoscopic visions of lead-provocateur Chris Simpson’s mind and pen.

The scene opens under a Big Top and proceeds through a vast cornucopia of dioramas (from the crush of middle school hallways, to the Christmas markets of Old Berlin; past angel choirs, Siren Songs of soul-stealing thieves and peril at sea) all in search of an elusive Golden Child, who isn’t paralyzed with fear or uncertainty at the weight of it all. In the end it’s never clear if the “kid” in question is the narrator himself or a symbol of the Seeker in us all, but the ride is thrilling, and the invitation to communion feels warm and ecstatic.

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Listen to 'Meet the Kid' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 12 May 2022