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Listen: 'She Said' by Josephine Philip
02 June 2022

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Josephine Philip is back with a catchy and gritty new single ‘She Said’.

‘She Said’ is the 5th and final single from her forthcoming solo album ‘We Get Lost And Found’, which comes out 20th May. The single is out now on Josephine’s label Midnight Confessions.

‘She Said’ is a song about being a woman. The song unfolds from two perspectives – one being young, carefree and full of hope, but also feeling insecure and scared to make the wrong decisions. The other perspective is delivered from an older narrator, that has lived life – singing to her younger self, wanting to give advice, but not wanting to interfere, because she knows that life has to be lived and experienced, good or bad, wild and mundane. The track is a celebration of all women and a reminder to believe in oneself. Philip’s catchy vocals are supported by gritty drums, dynamic beats and sparse guitar.

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Listen here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 02 June 2022