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Listen: 'A$$hole' by Ryan Hamilton
18 February 2023

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Critically acclaimed TX-based, singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton has released "A$$hole", the next single off his forthcoming LP 'Haunted By The Holy Ghost,' out March 10 on Wicked Cool Records.

A music video for the track is airng now, and features World Champion Barrel Racer, Ryann Pedone & Conor the badger. Ryan says, “It’s not everyday you shoot a music video with a badger! Why a badger? Because badgers are assholes. They’re adorable assholes. Haha. So proud of this song. The self sabotaging title will keep it off most radio stations… which is a shame, because it deserves to be a big hit."

It does, too. Watch the video here:

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  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 18 February 2023