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Watch: 'Share My Heat' by The Joy Formidable
27 September 2023

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Currently midway through a UK tour, Welsh alternative rock trio The Joy Formidable have today issued the third of a trio of singles announced in early August. In marked contrast to the obvious commercial appeal of its predecessors, ‘Cut My Face’ and ‘The Hat’, ‘Share My Heat’ is over 15 minutes long and winds its way through numerous musical shifts, twists and turns in relentless but exhilarating fashion.

Vocalist Ritzy Bryan explains that “it’s a song about true connection and love. Deep, selfless love between humans is a beautiful part of our existence, but I’m also singing about our inherent love of nature, the living world and our kinship to everything: plants, animals, mountains and water. Can we repair our relationship with the earth and bring more reciprocity, compassion and companionship to a world that already gives us so much.”

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Watch 'Share My Heat' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 27 September 2023