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Watch: 'Afallon' by Awst
01 October 2023

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Awst is the project of Eryri musician Cynyr Hamer. Awst returns with bittersweet new single 'Afallon’ a hazy wistful song about not being able to recapture childhood memories of long hot summers in the 90s, spending time with family in his grandparents home. Hamer says “over the years our grandparents' home has become like a mythical magical place which exists only in our memories, like the mythical story of Avalon.”

With a redolent, glowing, psych tinged strum and lilting vocals, it’s a wistful and gorgeous window into childhood and fond memories. The accompanying video is a snapshot of that place and time, filmed by his dad through a larger camcorder in the early 1990s.

"And to be in the place of my home, now i seek for that place far within my memory"

Having been involved in various other bands over the years, such as Worldcub, Hippies Vs Ghosts, and We Are Animal, Awst is Cynyr's more personal solo brainchild. Active since 2021, a handful of releases are already under the belt, including debut album 'Haul/Lloer' follow up self titled album 'Awst' and newly released album' Mewn Côf'. All released within a year.

Awst's songs are crafted from acoustic melodies, layered with dreamy guitars and synths, with the occasional horn sections. The material is written and recorded entirely by Cynyr on a tascam multitrack recorder in a caravan up in the Eryri hills. The songs are recorded almost always on first takes, keeping the live element of excitement of playing the parts for the first time, with spontaneity, playfulness and freedom captured in the music. The songs often conjure up nostalgic feelings at the end of summer, capturing bittersweet memories and sounds.

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Having played electro-acoustic sets at numerous shows in the past year, including FOCUS Wales Festival and FOCUS Wales’ Dydd Miwsig Cymru event, Awst set out to release his third album, with the single 'Hafan' being the first to appear, followed by second single 'Aros Tan Ddydd', 'Afallon'; is the third and final single to be released from his summer album release titled 'Mewn Côf'.

Watch 'Afallon' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 01 October 2023