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Review: 'Calming River'
'The Ones That We Left Behind'   

-  Label: 'Independent'
-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: 'Out Now'

Our Rating:
Atmospheric and intoxicating, the new four song EP from Calming River is out now. A treat for fans of artists such as Elliot Smith, Nick Drake and Jose Gonzalez, the EP is titled ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’ and is a real things of acoustic beauty.

If you’re a lover of acoustic styles, it’s safe to say you’ll find something here to love. And even those not inclined to the genre can’t fail to be impressed. There’s something about Calming River’s vocal that puts across the emotion behind every well chosen lyric, while the guitar playing is faultless.

If this doesn't move you, there's something a bit wrong with you.
  author: Tony_D

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