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'Glitterball Apocalypse'   

-  Label: 'Ray Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '15th April 2016'

Our Rating:
Brit Rockers Last Great Dreamers are back. Glitterball Apocalypse is their comeback single and the first thing they have put out with the bands new line-up. Now, I hear many of you going "What? I never heard of them first time round!" Well you're not alone as they were hotly tipped in the 90's but it never quite happened for them first time round, so after a break, their two main songwriters Slyder and Marc Valentine got back together a couple of years ago. With a new rhythm section in tow, they are currently preparing to go on a UK tour opening for Tigertailz which starts on April 8th.

The main song here is Glitterball Apocalypse. It comes in radio friendly and unfriendly versions. I prefer it with the swearing left in thanks as it's a great slice of glam rock that reminds me of Rats and Mott-era Mott the Hoople with some really cool soaring guitars over a very catchy chorus. It's a song about all the friends who have lost the fight against their bad habits, but there are some really nice harmonies going on and it's the sort of song that's hard to get out of your head once you've heard it a couple of times.

The b-side is The Way We Collide: a great Glammy powerpop song that sounds like something Mitch Easter should be involved in with soaring guitars and the sort of lyrics about just happening to collide with the people you should be colliding with. This song just sounds really radio friendly to me like it should be on the Evening session or similar radio shows. Very cool indeed.

Find out more about the band's UK tour with Tigertailz and the single at Last Great Dreamers online
  author: simonovitch

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LAST GREAT DREAMERS - Glitterball Apocalypse