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'Vertices & Travel'   

-  Label: 'Rimar Tracks'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '4th November 2016'

Our Rating:
This split album comes out on all the usual digital download and streaming services but, curiously for this technologically savvy pairing, it is also released on a limited run of fifty C70 cassettes, an obsolete format to all but those nostalgic for mix-tapes.

The two Icelandic producers behind these monikers also run the FALK music and art collective founded in 2016.(Be forewarned, by the way, that FALK stands for 'Fuck Art Let's Kill').

AAIIEENN is the solo project of Hallmar Gauti Halldórsson whose music is dauntingly presented as "a fully electronic world of experimental synth music and mathematical possibilities and expanses".

This is rendered in the form of a kaleidoscopic five-track mix that is pre-programmed and randomized. The drum machines are set to 'funky hip-hop' while the jagged rhythms bob and loop in a complex and unpredictable manner. Titles like Irregular Polytopes and Rhombic Triacontahedron may give you some idea what's in store.

Hrafnkell Lindal is the man behind Decanter and with eight tracks under the heading 'Travel' he takes the listener on a musical journey along the No.1 highway that follows the Icelandic coastline.

The electro-motorik beats pulse purposefully on a piece like Keel but the stillness of Export means that this is not merely a soundtrack to life in the fast lane.

Part techno and part ambient, there is a coldness and precision in the working methods of both these artists but enough dynamic energy to ensure that the human element is all present and correct.

Rimar Tracks' website
  author: Martin Raybould

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AAIIEENN & DECANTER - Vertices & Travel