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'Cut Against The Grain'   

-  Label: 'Provogue'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '20th January 2017'

Our Rating:
Like all good bluesmen, Aaron Keylock has been honing his skills on the road for at least five years and finally (aged 18) he has delivered his first album and it's been worth the wait.

The album is a great document of where he's been and where he's at right now. All the 'old' favourites are here, tried and tested and honed to perfection and even a couple of newbies have made the cut which whets the appetite for what might be round the corner.

Of the former, 'Against the Grain' and 'Medicine Man' sound on point and I think this is probably the definitive version of 'Just One Question', it sounds well lush. From the later, 'That's Not Me' was inspired by The Faces and 'No Matter What The Cost' has an Allman Brothers vibe. I prefer TNM, it's a big song and also reminiscent of Lou Reed circa 'New York'.

One thing I can't believe I never noticed before is The Black Crowes influence and that is no bad thing, especially when you consider this is being delivered by a three piece band. 'Try', 'Spin The Bottle' and 'Sun's Gonna Shine' all keep the standard ridiculously high. Drummer Sonny Greaves and bassist Jordan Maycock deserve a special mention as do the Mascot Label Group for doing things proper and investing in young talent.

It looks like the British blues is in rude health, what with Joanne Taylor Shaw hitting her straps at the top and Aaron Keylock coming up on the outside.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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KEYLOCK, AARON - Cut Against The Grain