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Review: 'NOVELLER'
'A Pink Sunset For No One'   

-  Label: 'Fire'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '10th February 2017'

Our Rating:
Having been very much enamoured of previous outings by Sarah Lipstate, a.k.a Noveller (No Dreams, 2013 and Fantastic Planet, 2015) it is a pleasure to hear her next outing on Fire Records, 'A Pink Sunset For No One'.

Fresh from touring with Iggy Pop and attempting to readjust to Civvy Street has resulted in tracks like 'Corridors' and 'Another Dark Hour'. They are both a good indication of what the album sounds like. They seem lighter in tone than those previous outings I mentioned and perhaps more 'rock' orientated in terms of tone and melody.

She seems to be putting the rock and pop formats through their paces and through the blender that is her guitar and effects pedals set-up. 'The Unveiling' again takes a melody, this time from one of her recent film scores and gives it a longer life, letting it 'tinkle' out to the end.

In that sense the melodies are a bit more obvious on this album, rather than appearing and disappearing of their own accord from within the noise. 'Deep Shelter' was written before she hit the road and would not have been out of place on 'Fantastic Planet, it's got that space rock vibe. 'Rituals' is a tribute to Steve Reich's 'Music for 18 Musicians', one of her major inspirations and it does a pretty amazing job for a one woman band.

Elsewhere, the titular track is a mellow and perhaps even melancholic affair and is the highlight for me and 'Lone Victory Tonight' runs it pretty close. In conclusion, whilst it doesn't consistently reach the sweeping and majestic heights of previous albums this is still an excellent release from a very busy and talented musician and Fire Records continue to do an excellent job of bringing her music to a wider audience.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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NOVELLER - A Pink Sunset For No One