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'Wild Blue Yonder'   

-  Label: 'Versa Tone Records'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '21st November 2016'

Our Rating:
This album cover art seems to be saying: 'I double dare you to listen to this record!'

A wagon and horses are flying over a town; the name of the band is The Western Flyers. Geddit?

The musicians are right up there. Calamity Jane is on fiddle yee-hawing with her cowboy sidekicks gleefully strumming on a double bass and geetar.

They are at cruising height over a saloon and dance hall but there are modern buildings down there too. The sky is filled with stars and musical notes.

Open it up and on the inner sleeve there's an endorsement from Marty Stuart who, Wikipedia tells me, is "an American country music singer-songwriter (born in 1958) known for his eclectic merging of rockabilly, honky tonk and traditional country music".

Of The Western Flyers, Marty says: "Their music makes me smile. When I listen to them I know that I am in the presence of modern masters in motion".

These mobile modern masters turn out to be an "internationally renowned guitar master" (Joey McKenzie), a national fiddle champion (Katie Glassman) and a "world-class upright bassist" (Gavin Kelso). Well, hot damn!

From You're From Texas through Tennessee Waltz and up to I'll See You In My Dreams, they play a brand of Texas swing from the 1940s which, according to Bluegrass Today, is "oft-neglected". There are no prizes for knowing why.

The biggest mystery is why it is only "oft" and not 'always'.

The Western Flyers' website
  author: Martin Raybould

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WESTERN FLYERS, THE - Wild Blue Yonder