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-  Label: 'Middle Of Nowhere Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '25th November 2016'-  Catalogue No: 'MONR30'

Our Rating:
'To swither' is a Scottish verb to describe being uncertain as to which course of action to choose. It's a curious title for this album because but there are no traces of doubt or procrastination in evidence.

Rather, the widescreen guitar-driven sound of this Glaswegian seven-piece band has a Springsteenian swagger that oozes confidence and purpose.

Many listeners will probably be won over by this fact alone but I kept thinking of director Jim Jarmusch's comment in a recent interview to the effect that every rock band also needs some madness.

RHLF solemnly express the wish to die in In The Arms Of California which confirms the suspicion that even though the band are at pains to big up their Scottish roots they have strong leanings towards Americana.

A recent one week residency on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson suggest that U.S. audiences are appreciative.

It probably helps that Low Light owes a lot to Talking Heads although this contains some unconvincing lyrics about seeking proof of the existence of a God. "The things I see on my big TV make me nervous", goes one line, conjuring up the suspicion that the 'real world' they describe is as seen through a media filter rather than experienced first hand.

Credit is due for rhyming 'misanthropic' with 'hidden pocket' on Faint Echo Of Loneliness although personally I'm more drawn to more down to earth sentiments.

They sing of fever, tears and suffering but these are just words and I prefer the image in Violet of a woman who "cried at the second side of Abbey Road".

Mostly, the twelve anthemic songs have an earnestness that veers towards pomposity but if your preference is for a rock sound tailor made for large scale venues then this album undoubtedly ticks all the boxes.

RHLF's website
  author: Martin Raybould

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