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Review: 'HAT FITZ & CARA'
'After The Rain'   

-  Label: 'Self Released'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '5th December 2016'

Our Rating:
Bearded Aussie Hat Fitz and Irish-born Cara Robinson are partners in real life and on record.

For the duo's fourth album recorded in New South Wales they take a rootsy sound and strip things back to the basic elements. The concept is "inspired by true events of our lives past and present".

The on sleeve credits list Cara as playing vintage drums and washboard alongside the singing duties on most of the songs.

Hat Fitz provides guitars plus mandolin and sings growly lead vocals on a couple of tracks - Tank Man and Won't Bow Down.

Lyrically it's no great shakes with some clunkers like "I hear your call, like the wind over the ocean" on the title track.

Still, this is a record where the mood is more central than the message.

The couple set out to make a raw blues album and fulfill this pledge in an authentic, unpretentious fashion.

The rip-roaring Try is the centrepiece with Cara going for broke on the vocals as it careers towards a storming finale.

Keep'n On is both the title of the final track and a statement of intent.

Hat Fitz & Cara's website
  author: Martin Raybould

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HAT FITZ & CARA - After The Rain