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Review: 'Break_Fold'
'07_07_15 –13_04_16'   

-  Album: '07_07_15 –13_04_16' -  Label: 'Reject & Fade'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '28th February 2017'

Our Rating:
It’s 2017. The world has gone to shit. It’s been headed this way for a long time, of course and this is the culmination of a long, inexorable trajectory. It’s small wonder that aside from the collective amnesia which seems to be a prevalent cultural trend, that in the current climate, nostalgia is such big business.

‘07_07_15 –13_04_16’ is an album that’s more about personal nostalgia rather than mass-market nostalgia and finds Tim Hann – formerly of Leeds alt-rock act I Concur – revisit – and commit for public consumption – some material he recorded over the course of some nine months between 2015 and 2016 – as, indeed, the title suggests.

The accompanying blurb describes the album as ‘a record of memories and time stamped bursts of creativity activity, captured and crystallised in glacial beats, foggy textures and
electrified rhythms. It is a bittersweet excursion, reflecting the hours spent evoking and channelling, and ultimately left spent on the hard drive’.

Dredging those recollections of different, past times from his hard drive, Hann presents an album which does not readily conform to any one genre, combining aspects of brooding, dark ambient, electronica and minimal techno which coalesce to forge a sound which is mellow, but with an underlying beat-driven tension.

‘07_07_15 –13_04_16’ is not an overtly wistful of melancholy work, but one which offers an almost abstract interpretation of the time-period, with slowly shifting, vaporous quasi-ambient soundscapes underpinned by carefully-considered and well-sequenced beats. There’s no shortage of movement or depth, although these elements are kept a layer beneath the surface. Understated and saturated with echo, the pieces are atmospheric and immersive.

Break_Fold Online

  author: James Wells

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Break_Fold - 07_07_15 –13_04_16