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Review: 'Spencer Robinson'
'Standing at the End of the World'   

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: 'Out now'

Our Rating:
A songwriter with many years of experience, Spencer Robinson is an artist who cut his teeth on the road with cult LA band The Lords of Altamont. With a solid, passionate fanbase, the band still go strong to this day – and Robinson is hoping that his foray into solo territory with start him on a similar journey.

In his own words, his new approach is to produce music for ‘drinking, crying, driving and dying’. And while that might sound depressing, this is instead a fine example of raw, rocky blues folk. The full EP is streaming in full on Soundcloud and can also be found on iTunes.

For fans of off-kilter, independent song writing, this comes well recommended.
  author: Tony_D

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