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-  Label: 'Bureau B'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '24th March 2017'

Our Rating:
The 'Con-struct' series rumbles on, this time in the capable hands of Pole: a Dusseldorf native with a two decade career in abstract electronic club music.

His decision was to use 50 percent sounds from Conrad and 50 percent from him using a rhythm machine, two old synths and a modular system. If you like steady beats and abstract sounds (let's call it ambient techno) then you will probably enjoy this album. How much you enjoy a 'Con-struct' album will largely depend on how much time you have for the artist with their hands on the tiller.

Pole takes things a little more in the direction of the club, largely due to the presence of 'beats' across the majority of tracks. As with much of the Bureau B oeuvre nothing seems forced or out of place. Everything just 'is'. Whilst that might mean there are no standout tracks it does also mean you can play the whole album from start to finish and simply luxuriate in its lightness of touch.

The final two tracks are my favourites ('Drachenbaume sind friedliche Wesen' and 'Wiegenlied fur Katzen') possibly as they are the longest, but also because I can hear Conrad Schnitzler most of all in these. A welcome addition to the series.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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