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'Five Songs EP'   

-  Label: 'Pink Moon Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: 'January 2017'-  Catalogue No: 'PMCD9'

Our Rating:
In a perfect world there would be more bands like Mudcat Landing.

These four aging scousers are respectively into punk, prog, new wave and classic rock and pool their diverse tastes in accordance with the following manifesto: "We do original, fresh and honest music and we do it well. We enjoy it and are passionate about it. We do it primarily for ourselves. If other people like it, that's a great bonus. If they don't, well, we're carrying on anyway".

They are no spring chickens nor bandwagon jumpers and they couldn't care less about the current musical trends.

All the songs, including one tex-mex instrumental (El Camino Del Diablo) began life on acoustic guitar and were worked into rootsy rock pieces full of skiffley charm and an unpretentious attitude.

A question like "Who's gonna see a world of adventure from the seat of a fork lift truck?" in Never Go Back Home is typical of their anti-glam pragmatism.

The same applies to Drunken Angel, in which the support for an inebriated partner knows no bounds: "If you feel inclined to vomit, I will turn you on your side".

The rough and ready production values serve to convey the down to earth spirit of the band and they have a cute cat logo too. What's not to like?

Mudcat Landing on Soundcloud
  author: Martin Raybould

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