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Review: 'TALISMAN'
'Don't Play With Fyah'   

-  Label: 'Sugar Shack Records'
-  Genre: 'Reggae' -  Release Date: '17th March 2017'-  Catalogue No: 'FOD114CD'

Our Rating:
There are not too many reasons for feeling irie these days but, undeterred, this retro reggae combo try their best to summon up some magical powers to point us on the right track.

The band reformed in 2011 after an extended hiatus lasting a quarter of a century and are back with core members Dehvan and Dennison.

In advocating liberation, redemption and one love equality they are breaking no new ground but the songs still resonate.

Warnings about the pervasiveness of racism and insidious effects of religious extremism certainly bear repeating so the urgency of songs like Racism Never Sleep and Relijan ("killing in the name of the Lord") are very timely.

These are two of the seven brand new songs which all come with dub versions. Dennis Bovell adds a touch of class to the final mixes.

The world shows no signs of being saved by Rastafari but it's always good to be reminded of the rewards of freeing your mind and the dangers of playing with fire.

Talisman's website
  author: Martin Raybould

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TALISMAN - Don't Play With Fyah