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Review: 'Isis (the band)'
'Live VII 02.25.10'   

-  Album: 'Live VII 02.25.10' -  Label: 'Ipecac Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Heavy Metal' -  Release Date: '31st March 2017'

Our Rating:
It’s a sad sign of the times when, 4 years after disbanding, and some 17 years after their inception, progenitors of post-metal, Isis, should have felt the need to add a ‘the band’ suffix to their name. This is a band who make music which is as far removed from politics or global events as it’s possible to imagine, the emphasis of their textured works being the internal, the cerebral, the existential. That the common understanding of a word which has such ancient origins and positive connotations spanning millennia should come to connote something so very different in such a short time is nothing if not indicative of just how quickly language can evolve under extreme conditions.

As the title suggests, ‘Live VII’ is the seventh in an ongoing schedule to release live recordings from across the band’s career. This latest instalment was recorded on 2nd February, 2010, at The Corner hotel in Melbourne, Australia, during the band’s stint on the venerable Soundwave Festival, and just three months before they played their last ever show.

As one might expect, the nine-song set draws heavily on the then-recently released final album, ‘Wavering Radiant’. For a band who signed off on a high, it’s no bad thing, and ‘Live VII’ captures them on immense form. The audience noise at the start of the audio – which is of exceptional quality and captures both the detail and the force of the music – gives some context to the volume achieved.

It’s one of those live albums that really makes you wish you’d been there, as they work though an immersive set which culminates in an astounding fifteen-minute rendition of ‘Celestial (The Tower)’. Their capacity to produce music which is at once breathtakingly beautiful and crushingly heavy is evidenced perfectly here, and it’s fair to say that this document captures precisely how the band should be remembered.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Isis (the band) - Live VII 02.25.10