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'Music to Draw To: Satellite'   

-  Label: 'Arts & Crafts'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '7th April 2017'-  Catalogue No: 'A&C 129'

Our Rating:
I would have loved to have drawn my review and submitted a detailed picture inspired by listening to Kid Koala's 5th album but as I am useless at drawing instead I decided to review the album by using it to write a poem. Each stanza being inspired by one track on the album and featuring the title of the piece within it and I've also re-mixed the press release into the poem to give you an idea of what this 72 minute soundscape can inspire you to create.

Looking at satellite images of the observable universe,
Rocket engines fine-tuned pulsing,
Tinkling as they await the countdown,
Ambience swells orchestral patient astronaut,
Off too Titanesque swirling ignition,

Floating out to space pulsing waves,
Emiliana cut adrift floating through space,
Sudden Loss in the brain maze,
Sense everything he's done,
Somewhere feels by clouds clear,

Sombre transmission 1 from states of transition,
Darkness surrounding us in totality,

Floating falling emotional expansive,
Fallaway from what we know into the unknown,
Looking for Keyholes to other realities and planets,
No Plan No Map just other realities,
No more whispering no more whispering,

Transfer through the Perihelion of Monroe,
That was then this is now twinkle twinkle,

Torpedoed by Photons lower resolution noise,
Uniquely and amongst elements of Hellices,

Burners engaged firing things up,
Straining beneath the heat,
To meet among different voices,
Icy wastes beneath on new planet beneath the smoke,
Universa magnetic recorder dirt transmission,

The sound in a new atmosphere of a novachord,
Brightly gleaming literally and metaphorically,
Sans imagination innovation combine technical,
Slowly floating across the sea of Jupitean emeralds,
Land of imagined winters looms horizon like,

Land approaches transmission 2 delivered,
Seas so calm sounds so pure and pulsing,
Whisper quiet controllers we need land,

Land seems so different collapsing away like,
A slow moving vortex apparent collapse,
Before dawn awakes absolute core land to find,
Collapsing brittle crystalline shards,

Stasis transmission 3 exploration contact reaction,
Icy style controllers mission of mars,

Deep vein pulsation,
Searching for the Hubble constant,
Draining the sky instrument as turntable,
Virtually draining leaving the sea of new planet,
Everything was glass I dream I'm a hammer,

Gelid collagist absent typewriter,
Staring out towards satellite Torrini,
Mutual floating broadcasts distorted,
Wanting to land does land become reality,

Floating in the apoapsis orbiting endlessly,
Waiting for that sign of safety,

Are there signs of life beneath the nightfall,
Inhospitable terrain patent imagination,
Whatever he touches ghostly magnetic,
Lower resolution surreal sound,

Chilling emotional contact in harsh terrain,
Like the darkest day in the longest night imaginable,
Cocoon in the harshest of winters pensive forever,
No stars for mars behind forever,
Uniquely technical chilling disintegrate too late,
Fear acquainted the darkest night explosion of fire,
Phasers set to infinity reaching out to Mars,

Looking down towards my sweetheart from satellite,
Story concluding epilogue required,
Enough dirt being shot through space,
The distance grows expansive confluence disappears,
Contact lost parameters drawn anew,
Soundtracks of epic spaceways falling peacefully,

All that remains floats away,
Distant flickers of light among nightfall: pale blue,
Reality distorted over too soon pale blue,
Only darkness of space remains floating,
Pulsing expiring satellite morse messages.

Find out more about this album here:
Kid Koala Online

Arts & Crafts website
  author: simonovitch

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KID KOALA FT. EMILIANA TORRINI - Music to Draw To: Satellite