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Review: 'Triverse Massacre'
'Hades (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Thrash Metal' -  Release Date: '26th May 2017'

Our Rating:
As if the band’s name and the title of this EP weren’t enough to give a hint as to what to expect, this EP is accompanied by cover art depicting a scaly, multi-headed dragon, rising up through a ruined archway to breathe fire onto some semi-human forms, skeletal and tortured as they struggle in a steaming river. Volcanoes erupt in the background and an eerie, molten glow gives the blackened sky a red hue. Bodies hang from the leafless branches of the trees beside the river. And the perspective is almost impossible to grasp.

The intro track, ‘Cocytus/Intro’ is a deep, doomy conglomeration of fear chords, bombastic orchestration heralding the listener’s arrival into the darkest depths of hell. Before long, we’re transported to ‘Styx’ with the thunderous arrival of a double-pedal bass drum frenzy. The guitars blister and peel the flesh, and guttural vocals spew forth impenetrable words, no doubt more than any mere mortal could bear to hear.

‘Hades’ may play to every aspect of genre type, but its relentless fury means that if you’re on the market for some snarling metal that’s properly dark and crushingly heavy in the Lamb of God / Cannibal Corpse vein, this will likely do the trick.

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  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Triverse Massacre - Hades (EP)