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Review: 'Nine Beats Collective'
'Nine Beats to the Bar'   

-  Label: 'Independent'
-  Genre: 'Spoken Word' -  Release Date: 'Out now'

Our Rating:
Clocking in at a mammoth 26 tracks and full of countless ideas, 'Nine Beats to the Bar' is one of those albums that simply overflows with creativity.

Produced by a huge number of songwriters, poets, writers, troubadours, activists and more, it's a highly unusual album that combines music, singing and spoken word to great effect.

Waxing lyrical (literally) on many things, primarily the state of the world today, the contributors have created something unline anything else you're likely to hear this year. Just the scale of the thing is impressive, but when you factor in the amount of talent on show there's lots to enjoy here.
  author: Tony_D

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