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Review: 'Mihail Doman'

-  Album: 'Arhythmology' -  Label: 'Self-released'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: 'Available now'-  Catalogue No: 'n/a'

Our Rating:
Described by the composer himself as "a soundtrack without a film", Mihail Doman has released his brilliant Arhythmology album, as well as a sumptuous video to accompany it.

Designed as a story of rebirth and new beginnings, his deeply involving orchestral and electronic sound is divided into nine chapters simply labelled with Roman numerals. Keen musicologists will immediately recognise the similarities with Jean-Michel Jarre, a huge influence on the composer.

The recent musical landscape has shifted seismically to soundtrack composers and musicians working only in instrumental fields being relegated to the 'other' section, to the likes of Hans Zimmer selling out live shows around the world. Whilst Arhythmology may not technically have a motion picture to go with it, Arythmology is designed as an album to experience in one sitting - turn off your mobile phone, put on your headphones and drift away on the gentle, inspiring sound, perfect for drowsing off to, only to wake up an hour later recalling the strangest dreams...




  author: Tony_D

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