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'Olga Sergeevna'   

-  Label: 'Earth Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Soundtrack' -  Release Date: '20th October 2017'

Our Rating:
Having introduced Mikael Tariverdiev to Western audiences with the 'Film Movie' box set and the 'Irony Of Fate' OST, Earth Recordings now present another deluxe vinyl product from this previously little known Russian composer.

Olga Sergeevna consists of the original score and improvisations composed for a popular Soviet television series. The 28 track double album marks the first time these songs have been released outside of Russia.

The groundbreaking show apparently follows the fortunes of a female marine biologist who pursues a successful career despite problems in her relationships and personal life. There are a few brief soundtracky inserts but most are fully realized pieces so, fortunately, listening pleasure does not require any familiarity with the series.

The baroque jazz score is played by Tariverdiev on celeste, cimbalon, harpsichord and piano. He is accompanied by Z. Shakhaliev on double bass and S. Livshin on drums. It was produced by the composer's widow and musician Stephen Coates.

The quirky, but curiously effective, juxtaposition between harpsichord and orchestral arrangements means that the atmosphere often falls somewhere between the British Miss Marple films of the 1960s and classic Ennio Morricone works like 'Cinema Paradiso' or 'Once Upon A Time In America'.

Tracks in the former category include Reflection and Harpsichord Rhythm while the latter are evident in Olga's Melody, Recollection and Nocturne.

Only three tracks have vocals and these are intensely moody Jacque Brel style piano driven pieces that exude a sense of languorous longing.

Two decades on from his passing, this is just one of over of one hundred works Tariverdiev composed for television and cinema. Providing Earth Recordings stays afloat, it's a safe bet that we'll hear more from an artist who certainly deserves to be rescued from obscurity.

  author: Martin Raybould

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