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-  Label: 'Collision Music'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '18th August 2017'-  Catalogue No: 'Coll 051'

Our Rating:
At the heart of this record is a burning rage towards the numerous deceitful and incompetent politicians who are continuing to create a climate of fear and hatred across the globe.

On their four previous releases this band were known as 'Jade Cade & The Everyday Sinners'. The simplified name reflects the contribution of the other five members but Cade on guitars and vocals remains the leading sinner.

His deep baritone is an angry, even menacing, presence softened only by the contribution of Helen Muggeridge who sings backing vocals on most tracks, lead on Hold On and duets with him on Makin' Up.

The two key tracks (out of eight) are Belly Full Of Fire, a call to arms against austerity ("You gotta fight for what is right") and You Were The Ammunition which rails against our "world of insanity" dominated by bigoted and divisive politics.

Although Cade is reluctant to label these as protest songs, that is exactly what they are. He names no names but the collage of images of May, Farage, Trump and Le Pen in the videos means that the targets are plain enough.

A cover of Merle Tavis' classic Sixteen Tons is a reminder that the plight of working people is not a new phenomenon and also reveals Cade's enduring affinity for old school country music which is also plain to hear on a song like The Sun And The Moon.

The closing track is Roll With Them Punches of this intense 30 minute album is all about finding your own way in life and learning to endure the "long road".

It's a sobering finale to a record for and about the hard times we are enduring. There are few words of comfort so one must hope that the glass being filled in the cover image contains something stronger than water.

Jack Cade & The Everyday Sinners' website
  author: Martin Raybould

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