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Review: 'Mid Reflection'
'Outcast (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '24th November 2017'

Our Rating:
It seems so often the case that the acts who make a huge deal of selling their hybridised innovation are the ones most entrenched in cliché. And so the prospect of Mid Reflection, a band who have supposedly taken ‘the key fundamental of punk, rap and ska to produce a unique and distinctly British sound,’ and who ‘fuse a fast and gritty flow of heartfelt and hard-hitting lyrics typically found in rap and grime, with dark and moody guitar driven rock music’ made me wilt a little inside. Can they really create ‘a sound that truly defies categorisation’, when at the same time citing Linkin Park, Gorillaz and House of Pain?

No. Of course they can’t. Anyone who remembers some of the shitawful rap-rock crossover acts from the early 90s will find themselves in depressingly familiar territory. Lyrically, they’re about as cutting edge and current, too. ‘Outcast’ is a limp rock tune with a chorus where the lame tuneless singer likens being bullied at school to being like Kenny from South Park.

The ‘rap’ element is cringey white indie kid rapping, while the ‘ska’ element sounds like The Wedding Present covering Reel Big Fish. ‘Legalise It’ brings together the worst elements of RHCP and RATM. Predictable? Yeah. Crap? Yeah! File under: don’t bother.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Mid Reflection - Outcast (EP)