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Review: 'Kinjiru'
'4D EP'   

-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '31st October 2017'

Our Rating:
It may be their debut release, but Kinjiuri have history and form, being the latest project from Demons Of Old Metal producer and frontman, Roger B. Kinjiru (a Japanese word meaning forbidden, prohibited) is pitched as ‘sitting comfortably alongside the likes of Pitchshifter, Pain, and Ministry while still absorbing Roger’s distinct love of eighties thrash’.

There are simultaneous hints of Big Black and Ministry about the brittle, toppy guitar motif that opens and breaks the middle of the EP’s first cut, ‘Never Ever’, but for the most part it comes on like KMFDM on speed, with insistent, hyperspeed drumming and a crisp, clinical production.

The stomping ‘Come Join the Freaks’ is an anthemic call to unity, while ‘Safeword’ is the most overtly Pitchshifterish track. A driving post-nu-metal crossover song, there’s a rather incongruous solo in the middle that’s more Queen than anything remotely alternative / metal.

‘Voodoo Sex Doll’ mines the seam of dumb, raucous hard rock that Zodiac Mindwarp mastered back in the 80s. Revelling in cliché and with tongues firmly in cheeks, they crank the riffage up to eleven and go hell for leather on a massive hooky chorus propelled by cornball synths and thousand-mile-an-hour drumming. It’s so dumb it’s genius.

The negative slant would be to say that it’s a bit hit and miss; the positive slant would be to summarise that it’s varied. I’m sort of on the fence, but the slantless, objective view is that while it offers nothing new, ‘4D’ is entertaining and kicks enough ass to more than justify its existence.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Kinjiru - 4D EP