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Review: 'ORKID'
'Wasted (single)'   

-  Label: 'ART:ERY'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '18th March 2018'

Our Rating:
Boasting "more hooks than you can poke a stick at" 21-year-old photogenic pop starlet Matilda Melin is comin' right atchya from the far North of Sweden.

Melin says she was raised on classic artists like Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke although to the best of my knowledge neither of these crooners delivered a line like "Whatcha' wanna' looking at me just like" or expressed the view that "We're better off when we're wasted".

Maybe this is what happens to U.S. pop in translation
  author: Martin Raybould

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ORKID - Wasted (single)