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Review: 'FROST, BEN'
'All That You Love Will be Eviscerated (EP)'   

-  Label: 'Mute Records'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '23rd March 2018'-  Catalogue No: '12MUTE569'

Our Rating:
Any release by this enigmatic and constantly fascinating Australian electronica genius is worth investigating and this half hour 12" EP is no exception.

It was recorded and mixed by the peerless Steve Albini and, aside from the title track, it contains three new tunes and a pair of previously unreleased remixes of pieces from his 2017 full length LP 'The Centre Cannot Hold'.

Now relocated to Reykjavik, Frost lists his influences on his Facebook profile as loud noises and uncertainties" but there's a control and discipline to his work which means he doesn't need to play to the gallery or depend on cheap gimmicks.

The pulsing energy of the All That You Love Will be Eviscerated gives sonic expression to the notion of evisceration, which in its verb form means the act of taking away an essential part of something. Needless to say, this music is not driven by the need to give a positive perspective on the things we love.

The new tracks come in the form of the statuesque Self Portrait In Ultramarine the brooding An Empty Vessel To Flood and the looming Goonies Never Say Die.

In addition, we have a delicate 'Albini suspension mix' of Meg Ryan Eyez and a smooth Alva Nota remodel of Ionia

Like abstract expressionist paintings, the complete works are what matter so, for once, the devil is not just in the details.

Ben Frost's website

  author: Martin Raybould

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FROST, BEN - All That You Love Will be Eviscerated (EP)