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Review: 'Last Great Dreamers'
'13th Floor Renegades'   

-  Label: 'Ray Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '13.4.18.'-  Catalogue No: 'RR1008'

Our Rating:
Having managed to survive the Glitterball Apocalypse intact Last Great Dreamers are back with the cure for any PTSD anyone might be suffering from that very event with a recommendation to dose yourself with at least listen a week of 13th Floor Renegades every time you start having flashbacks.

The album opens with the short sharp blast of glammed up pop of New Situation that is a lot less worrisome than the situations Slaughter & the Dogs suffer from with some cool full on spiky guitars.
13th Floor Renegades is a very classic sounding glam power pop stomper that will soon have many of us singing along to it as it flies by in a hail of glitter.

Speed Of Light slows things down slightly to tell another tale of that ghost on the highway as they claim to be stuck in gridlock travelling at the speed of light and making sure everyone joins in at the chorus, it may have a bit of a plod to it but in this case not in a bad way as I hear hints of Mott in the sound.

No Sunshine starts slow before bursting through the clouds and making us feel like it's a sunny day no matter how overcast it really is so they might have a little bit of hope and what sounds like an electric sitar in the background.

I Think I Like It is just full on glam Powerpop that has some great back and forth between Marc Valentine's lead vocals and Slyder's backing vocals it works really well a very cool song.

For Your Information threatens to go all neckerchief rock on the intro as if they've made it out of the city to the middle of the country and don't know what to do but try to sound a bit like the albums producer Peter Brown's dads slower stuff crossed with a bit of Ronnie Laine.

Primitive Man brings the chugging riffs back in full force as they careen down a motorway at full pelt letting us know how primitive they are while trying to not let on how much they dig your tiger feet while shaking your arms in the air and just getting into it.

Whose Side Are You On? Should only really be answered with Last Great Dreamers side as another great riffing question of a song flies into your ears as they almost seem to be claiming to listen to classical music on the radio surely not, so please get back to them and let them know your with them save them from the perils of Beethoven and let them know you love them.

Miles Away is the dreamier end of the bands spectrum with some more of the mandolin and almost yearning for them to change for the better and be allowed back as they are of course Miles Away and that cool guitar solo should seal the deal.

Broken Things sees them using some Glitter to try to repair a broken relationship which is a novel approach and no a Christmas tree won't help either but Easter Eggs might and it makes a change to hear a break up song sound like such a fun romp as this as they try to break the broken things even more.

The album closes with Going Home that has the sort of title that suggests a lighter waving ballad and thankfully that's not what it is as this is more of a cool stomp of a song about asking to be allowed back into the home he's been booted from will she let him back in well if he keeps asking like this surely she will and on the slow majestic fade out they do celebrate the fact that they are going home.

Find out more about this great new album and all the upcoming tour dates at www.lastgreatdreamers.com www.facebook.com/lastgreatdreamers

  author: simonovitch

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