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Review: 'Sarah Vista'
'Killing Fever'   

-  Label: 'Gallows Romantic Records'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '26.10.18.'-  Catalogue No: 'SV004'

Our Rating:
This album is the very first album I've reviewed that is available on that most modern of hipster formats the 8-Track cartridge as well as being out on Cassette, Vinyl, CD and Download which gives you very few excuses for not going out and buying a copy of this great Western album brought you by some of the folks behind Missy LePinks Tattoo tonic.

From the opener and title track Killing Fever it's clear we are in the Badlands on the wrong side of the Holloway road or wherever the London equivalent of the wild west is these days as Sarah lists the ways in which you are going down like a female Lee Van Cleef complete with proper western backing and whip cracking percussions and some very cool harmonica from Johnny Trouble Bluth that isn't as haunting as the Charles Bronson kind.

Get Three Coffins Ready reminds me of The Undertaker both the film and the song by The Crystalites only this isn't reggae but has the same inspiration only the sexes have been switched so it's like Brenda Lee or Loretta Lynn were the high plains drifter who has Terry Edwards trumpet marking her slow walk into town to take her vengeance to fill those coffins.

Jeff The Henchman Meads Lap Steel is front and centre on Madam Moustache a wonderfully sordid tale of the Madam's ability to pick any man's pockets clean to the sort of rhythm that mimics an Iron Horse coming slowly down the tracks bringing more customers to Madam Moustaches Saloon.

Now You Are Sleeping is set to what could be a Marty Stuart tune as Sarah sings about all the reasons you need to sleep with the fishes so to speak, not that she's bitter just twisted as she gives you some nice Whiskey laced with Strychnine as Emma The Sheriff Goss' bass keeps up a good strolling beat.

Better Off Never than Late is a bit of a hoedown of hope that rather than trying to become her other half you'll just take a hint and not get involved with her as the Lap Steel does all sorts of cool things. The theme and hoedown continues in a Day Late A Dollar Short as of course does the bile and spite being thrown at yet another inadequate man that she's better off without.

Belle Star is a sweet serenade for a Bandit Queen and all her deeds and misdemeanours that make her the legend she is. Hell At High Noon is just the sort of gunfight song you'd expect it to be apart from the main gunslinger being female and far more dread filled than any Annie Get your Gun scenario as he's going down.

Dead On Arrival is just what will happen to you if you mess with Sarah Vista and cross her in Love or business that can only be properly explained with some strings and a majestic Baritone Sax solo from Terry Edwards as well as some trumpet too this is a great tune.
Shoot, Luke Or Give Up The Gun is pretty laid back sounding country blues considering what Sarah is singing about and the challenge she is giving Luke the real question is if he's up to the challenge or not.

I Wish You Hell is an upbeat sounding Rawhide kind of beat Western tale of bitter twisted love gone horribly wrong and coming to a spectacularly bloody end and well Terry Edwards trumpet has a very Morriconesque feel to it, just make sure not to cross Sarah Vista.

The Album closes with The Fortune Teller one last dark tale of despair and of houses covered in Blood it's slow and deliberate and has some very cool Theremin to add some really spooky vibes to it as they welcome the victims to Hell.

This album is easily the best album to come out on 8-Track this year and for anyone who loves Western music this albums a must have find out more at www.sarahvista.com
  author: simonovitch

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