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Review: 'Junior Bill'
'Junior Bill (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Reggae'

Our Rating:
The pitch: ‘Junior Bill return after the success of their award-winning concert film “Above Your Station” with brand new music. Their new self-titled release features four fresh, exciting recordings steeped in narratives rooted in the history, myths and culture of Cardiff. The record further expands upon Junior Bill’s distinctive, infectious genre-blurring marriage of ska, reggae, dub, latin, punk and pop songwriting that has won them fans both on stage and on record. It was produced with Andrew Sanders (Jemma Roper, Big Thing) at Kings Road Studio in January 2017 and mastered by Matthew Evans (Keys, El Goodo).’

The perspective: it’s fucking ska-punk, for fuck’s sake, with a heap of other horribly incongruous shit thrown in. Why would anyone do this, let along listen to it? White reggae isn’t cool at the best of times, and it really doesn’t sit well with the history, myths and culture of Cardiff however you spin it. No doubt it’ll find a fanbase, but make no mistake, this is fucking horrible.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Junior Bill - Junior Bill (EP)